Must Know Skin Care Tips

Must Know Skin Care Tips

The skin in the largest organ in our body and often gets the least amount of preventive care. With the constant barrage of information blaring from just about every major media outlet on skin care, health, beauty, wellness and fashion, it can all become very over whelming. Follow these simple skin care tips from the professional dermatologist to incorporate preventive skin care measures into your daily regime. Your skin will thank you for years to come.

The skin is comprised of over 60% water and as such, needs constant hydration. We often think of hydrating as only necessary after rigorous physical activity. The opposite is true. The body requires at least a half a gallon of water each day to maintain elasticity. Avoid sugary sodas and coffee as these actually dehydrate the body and skin.  The other piece of proper hydration is sufficient moisturizing. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a total body moisturizer and face specific moisturizer from the huge selection available at  JC Penney. Apply moisturizers twice daily. Many will include a high SFP factor for protection against the sun.

If your moisturizer does not contain an SFP, apply this generously each morning throughout the year. The sun’s rays are just as harmful in the winter as in the summer. In addition to the application of a high SFP skin protector, wear a hat or cap with a wide brim or visor and well as sunglasses to protect the sensitive skin on your face from the sun’s rays. If possible, avoid excess skin exposure mid-day when the sun’s rays are at their strongest.  There is also a growing selection of light weight, long sleeve, active wear that blocks the dangerous rays from the sun.

Frink plenty of fluids, moisturize regularly, cover sensitive skin when spending time in the sun and you will have made a positive step towards protecting and nourishing your skin for years to come. Best of luck on  your new skin care regime.

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