Wireless hedphones

There are 3 types of best Bluetooth headphones communication that are used to create headphones:

  1. Infrared communication channel;
  2. Radio channel;
  3. Bluetooth.

Infrared communication channel

You have an IR signal source, which you must connect to a sound source, such as a TV, over a normal wire. And in the headphones is the sensor. The IR source sends a signal directly to the headphones. It is worth on this path to even a small object – the signal is immediately lost. This technology is simple, cheap, but also very unreliable, suitable only for home use in very limited conditions. It is for this reason that manufacturers today hardly produce headphones with this type of connection. But if you find in a store not sold option – it makes sense to buy these headphones for watching TV.

First of all, manufacturers began to make wireless headphones with an infrared communication channel. As you guessed, this technology works by transmitting light, which means that there should be no barriers between the transmitter and the headphones, and even bright sunlight can significantly disrupt the operation.

Advantages :

  • Headphones with an IR transmitter are not expensive;
  • If there are no obstacles in the way of the signal, you will get a clean and pleasant sound;
  • Low energy consumption.

Disadvantages :

  • The quality of the signal depends critically on the line of sight from the source to the headphones, and also works poorly in bright sunlight;
  • Small radius of action – up to 10 meters.

bluetooth headphones

Radio channel

Best wireless headphones with a radio channel for data transfer are an excellent solution for stationary use. But they still need a separate transmitter, which greatly limits their mobile application. But the range of stable operation can reach an impressive 100 meters.

The sound quality with small external electromagnetic interference can be very good, but the problem is that in modern cities we are constantly surrounded by a lot of electromagnetic radiation from a variety of instruments. Therefore, not all wireless headphones with a radio channel can transmit a clear sound, on the contrary, most likely the signal will be mixed with background sounds, background white noise and other distortions may occur.

In addition, this technology consumes a significant amount of energy for work, so manufacturers build in the headphones powerful batteries to achieve an acceptable battery life. And this leads to a significant increase in the weight of the headphones.

Advantages :

  • The signal passes well through walls and obstacles;
  • The range can be up to 100 meters.

Disadvantages :

  • High power consumption;
  • They are exposed to interference from external sources of electromagnetic radiation;
  • Very often, due to noise in the best Bluetooth headphones, there is background white noise and distortion.